Monday, December 3, 2012

The Best Camp Ever!

Hye, hehe. Ammm, today entery is about having a camp at Genting Highland. We camped at there for 2 days 1 night at Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort. Can you amagine that I didnt bring my sweater on that night? Seriously, I was so COLD on that night ~_~ Nak tidur pun tak nyenyak. Hahahaha, but just forget about it. And the best part is doing  the explorance activities! Awesome, Fun and dengan lasak lasak dia lagi. Waah, best gila weh. We jumped into the water, climbed up the tree and walked on the bridge at midnight. On the first day of camp, every group must used newspaper and bottles to creat their own craft. So, my group  from  A 2 (2)  has created a Missz Malaysia Robot. Haha. Here it is.. Cute tak? 

But sadly, time flies way  to fast. On the last day of camp, we all have to faced the goodbye :'(   . Before everyone was about to take their bus, every group have to planted a green tree for the last   activity. Heyy, my group got a picture together. Yezzaa :D 

So, here we are! Group A 2(2). Oh, I almost forgot to tell you,  A's stand  Amazing . :B  Hahaha. I will never forget this moment. The Best Camp ever !
Assalamualaikum  and have a great day people ;)