Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My mom

My mom is a loving person. She's pretty. When I cried, she always be there for me. She's the one who always give me some advice for not to be a naughty girl and not to 'lepak2' just like the others girl. 
(haha, bahase ape la yg aku guna ni :P) 

Next year, in 2012. I'm no more 14. But, I already 15. Its mean, PMR. So, starting from now, I want to study study and study especially SEJARAH and SCIENCE!!!!!! Subjek paling bahaya sekali ni  Owh, don't want to forget to do my homework too. Lolz :P

In 2012, a new me, new life, new story, new result.  :'( Sudah serik dh.

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