Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Laziest

Asslamualaikum everyone :)  Based on my title, its about ME. You know ME? not MEE ea. Hahaha. okay. O.K. I've got my results and its really horrible, ugly, sad, bad and so bad. Pity me :'( 

Yeah you know what, maybe its suit to me for this march test cause I'm not study enough and I also didnt understand yet the account subject plus I need to learn how to answered the ekonomi's questions and LASTLY, I must, must and must love the sejarah's. Since I  was 13 years old, I hate histoghii ! sigh. This is myself and I need to force my body at least to touch the sejarah's book, read it and memorize. 

Tapi an memang lah keputusan teruk study pun 'last minute'. Aku kalau study last minute ni memang payah nak masuk. Kadang2 kalau dah takut sgt tu, memang rasa macam taknak study. Tapi dekat sekolah baru terhegeh hegeh nak study bagai. Masuk pun sikit je. Sumpah aku tak rasa sedih cause most of my subject I didnt understand and study very well. Semoga mid year exam nanti aku tak buat macam ni lagi. Amin! 

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